Everyday Adventure: The Ferry Building

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there is a farmers market around the Ferry Building along the Embarcadero. The smells of fresh vegetables, fried foods, aromatic coffee and delicious baked goods permeate the air and one can’t help but want to eat everything in sight. Cue instant hanger induced indecision. The food inside the Ferry Building is also delicious (and there’s always lots of free tasters which makes deciding all the more difficult) so I left Rich in a queue for fresh rice paper rolls and quickly ran around outside trying to decide what to eat before the stalls shut down for the day (the market closes at 2pm). 

I settled on what I think was a Korean stand which boasted a special of freshly roasted brussel sprouts with chili jam. I got the brussels, some ‘french fries’ with loads of delicious stuff on top (I can’t remember what exactly this was but there was soy sauce and spring onions involved) and a blood orange lemonade. Then I met Rich with the rice paper rolls and we had a little picnic looking out at Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge. There was so much food we couldn’t finish everything. We’ll definitely be back as there’s so many other vendors left to try!