Things that Stay the Same.

Despite circumstances of place and time and position relative to the equator some things remain constant. What I mean to say is that even amid this period of total disruption and uprooting certain things feel unchanged. Richard still smells like Richard. Avocados still taste like avocados. The same milky moon hangs in the same expansive sky. 

The sea is still the sea. 

Sure, the waters are technically different and there is geography and science and rules that I know nothing of but the essence of it—the cold salty matter—is still the same. I’ve said it before and my affiliation for the sea hasn’t changed, I think it’s an island living thing.

We spent New Years Eve evening on Ocean Beach in the company of the most spectacular sunset. It was apt and right and fitting. Being beside the sea always feels just so. We said goodbye to a terrible year and walked towards a new one, full of hope but weary too. Make like the waves, breathe in and out.