Living at Home.

Tip #4

Create Rituals.


Before I crawl into bed each night I light some candles on my make shift nightstand. My current collection consists of two vanilla scented tea lights from ikea. They burn in the leftover jars from two more expensive scented candles since burned. 

I look forward to the ritual of striking the match, hearing the crackle of the wick and the woodsy scent of smoke as the match goes out. Reading my book, writing notes, making to-do list, scrolling instagram (guilty) or chatting to Rich feels all the more sacred and intentional by the light of twin flames. There is something comforting, homey and relaxing about the flicker of candlelight. 


*The image above is of the impressive candlesticks at Ballyvolane, the night before Aoife & Gary’s wedding. My setup is certainly a bit more humble than that.