A Cake for Lola Bear.


Last week my niece was christened. It was one of those occasions that starts out as a logistical box-ticking ‘this is not an event’ kind of thing and ends up being a proper invite-the-neighbours, we’ve got a bath tub of beer kind of parties. Lola wore two dresses, a bonnet and a hair band. I baked a lemon cake and decorated it with baby’s first Sylvanians. There really was a bath full of beer and wine and prosecco. The queue for the toilet had never been so consistent. 


I’m so glad this tiny sassy little human decided to join our family. She is the sweetest little munchkin.

Don’t you hate them a little bit? They’re just TOO gorgeous. It shouldn’t be legal. 


Eoin is godfather and took his role very seriously, which meant he wore a suit and tie and posed for a series of godfathery photos. Looking through all the photos I am kicking myself for not getting any of Nadia, Trisha’s sister and Lola’s godmother, with Lola against the wall. We’ll just have to do a re-shoot. 


I used this recipe for the cake and this one for the icing. I made the little bunting from a vintage pillowcase (I am a hoarder) and stamps and obviously the little pram and rabbit and toys are by Sylvanian Families. I didn’t eat much of it as I was so full up on the mini crab baskets that Eoin made and the incredible spanish omlette that Trisha’s dad made and chocolate biscuit cake that Cillian’s friend had made but it went down a treat and everyone loved it so…success! 


Happy Christening Lola Bear, we love love love you!