For the Weekend.

The thing about leaving is that it gives you a very definite deadline. Everything becomes a countdown.

I only have X more days of work left. (and only X paycheques too!)

Only X more sundays left before we leave.

Just ABCD…XYZ things left to pack up.

A finite amount of Lola cuddles left.

Only a handful more times I will kiss Emily goodnight (I’m getting liberal with those kisses now I know they are numbered, she thinks its hilarious). 

It’s very odd and surreal and I find myself cramming something into every single day, rushing to meet people, hold babies and have all the conversations before I go. I haven’t eaten dinner in my house since last Monday. I haven’t just hung out and watched TV on my couch in even longer. I’m cramming it in and squishing it down, like an overpacked suitcase I am just not willing to relinquish any of it. 

(My actual suitcase will be decidedly underpacked, but more on that another time…I have yet to start that monumental task)

How do you follow this little blog? Facebook? Bloglovin? Feedly? I’d love to know…

Do you like instagram and emoticons? Check this out.

Cannot stop listening (and embarrassingly dancing) to this song. Also, this video from Graham Norton is hilarious. 

Finally bought Not That Kind Of Girl and am almost finished, not what I expected but definitely worth a read. I wish I was in some kind of book club because the discussion on this one would be excellent. 

This woman takes the most stunning photographs. Her feed baffles me daily, I do not know how she does it. 

My brother bought me a kindle for my birthday and I got it yesterday, I can’t get over how tiny it is, how long the battery lasts (8 weeks!!) and how many books I can read. I’m going to load it up before we leave…so please, what’s on your nightstand right now?

I still haven’t read this, I’ve read wonderful things about this one and I think I’d like to revisit this old favourite (though maybe I’ll have to buy that Rifle Paper version…soo pretty!). 

I am working today, but I’m hoping the weather stays beautiful for tomorrow because I’m off and am planning on some kind of adventure, driving practice, aforementioned Lola snuggles and family dinner in my mum’s house. What are you up to this weekend?