Before I bombard you with endless photos and words about San Francisco (brace yourselves…it’s inevitable), I thought I would share a few photographs from my graduation last week. It’s not the most exciting thing in the world but as the first of my siblings to don a cap and gown and do the whole ceremony thing it certainly feels noteworthy.

My parents were proud as punch, my little brother snuck in despite not having a ticket and Rich showed up after the boring speeches part to take the photographs. He’s a good chap like that.  Despite the fact that I went to NCAD our graduation was held in UCD as we don’t have a hall big enough. Being on unfamiliar turf added to the feeling of the whole event being like a big game of dress up and I took it as my chance to act silly in front of the camera.

Exhibits A and B below. 

You’d think one of us would have been able to keep our eyes open but nope. Must run in the family or something. 


After returning the cap and gown to their rightful rack we hopped in the car and listened to this gem all the way to my brothers house. We drank some prosecco, kissed the baby and went out to dinner.

I’d never been to Kinara Kitchen before but had heard rave reviews. We were not disappointed as the food was truly delicious (despite the fact that I accidentally ate a chilli a couple of bites into my not-actually-spicy dish and had to overdose on yogurt!). The highlight of the meal was the ‘dessert’ which we chose to have in liquid form in the hidden cocktail bar upstairs. The expert mixologist in residence made us personal cocktails depending on our chosen alcohols and flavours. I couldn’t tell you their names or even what was in them but they were so so good. 

The festivities continued in town with my college friends and ended way too late and way too tipsy considering how productive I had to be the next day…but sure that’s what celebrations are for. You only graduation for the first time once after all!