Less But Better: Vintage Worth Keeping.

This is where the definition gets a little hazy.

In America and across Europe (Paris’ are enviable) there are ‘thrift stores.’ What we find classified as ‘vintage’ in this country would probably fit more aptly under the label of ‘thrift.’ It’s not new, it’s not from a charity shop, it’s not necessarily decadent enough or high quality enough or, most likely, old enough to be considered actual vintage. 

But pre-loved? Second hand? They have all kinds of icky connotations and so we use ‘vintage’ with varying degrees of appropriateness. It’s a catch all, covers all bases kind of word. It has all kind of mysterious, high-end accoutrements. It is much easier to pick a bit of fluff from your pants and casually toss out a ‘oh, thanks, vintage’ than say ‘oh yeah, these trousers? Somebody’s granny probably wore them in the 70s. I try not to think about that. They were only a tenner. I got them in this weird little shop at the end of Frances Street. Have you heard of it? ’ 

This dress is decidedly not vintage. Well maybe it is, but I couldn’t tell you what era, or what style or who wore it when. I bought it for five euro at a ‘car boot sale’ which was more of a a flea market pretending to be a car boot sale because there was nary a car nor boot in sight. It fit like a glove and even though the hem is a little frayed I stuffed it into my bag and handed over the money as quickly as possible. It’s cute and comfortable and effortless, an outfit-in-one. And five euro for a whole outfit is a steal. It’s super soft and fluid and has a fabulously full skirt that makes twirling with two year olds especially impressive.

I’m not sure about its transition into winter as paired with black tights transforms one into a bit of a mini mouse parody (I mean, even this t-shirt ensemble is pushing it a little bit), but maybe navy would work? 

Either way, it’s a beauty and the price-per-wear on this thing has got to be at least 25 cent by now…which leaves cash in the pot to splurge on the basics, right?