Climbing San Francisco Hills.

The hills here are no joke. Last Monday morning the first thing I felt in that semi-conscious state between slumber and waking was my calves…they ached after a Sunday spent walking and walking and walking. 

I left my Converse at home because a few too many rainy days with a sodden left foot confirmed for me that they did, indeed, leak. And then I took another couple of pairs of shoes out because at the eleventh hour I realised my bag was considerably overweight. And so I find myself exceptionally limited come time to put on my shoes and run out the door.

There’s suede lace ups that are less pale pink and more dirty grey, a brown pair of vintage oxford-y types and my cream and flourescent pink kind of saddle shoes (not for everyday where as you can imagine). I also brought a pair of runners—which if you know me at all know that I will only wear with leggings and only if legitimate exercise is involved, I don’t do “yoga casual”—one pair of low heeled ‘interview shoes’ and one pair of heels for going out or dressing up in.

As you can tell my shoe closet is currently teetering towards the dressier side of the scales, which if you are from California (from what I can tell anyway) is unusual. It seems that most people here dress down, yoga pants, leggings, jeans and flip flops, tracksuit bottoms, converse, vans…you know really, casual. 

I am enjoying the minimalism of knowing I only have one, maybe two choices of shoes for the day but my feet (combined with the walking and the hills) are not particularly enjoying the actual choices I have. So I am on the lookout for something comfortable, casual-but-not-too-casual and not crazy expensive. I’m thinking maybe Vans. But I don’t know. I particularly like the look of these two styles from Madewell. What do you think?


Just to be clear…there’s no way I’ll be buying both. I think I prefer the suede but the tartan would be more practical maybe? Decisions! Frivolous decisions!