Everyday Adventure.

A few weeks ago in desperate need of a break from city traffic, crowded BART cars and overpriced sandwiches we got up early on a Saturday morning, picked up our friends in Oakland and drove down highway 1, along the stunning California coastline, to Santa Cruz. 

Santa Cruz is a sleepy college town less than two hours south of San Francisco. Due to its southerly location it is warmer than the city and I was able to wear no tights (!!) in January. We were determined to go swimming which turned out to be less actual ‘swimming’ and more trying not to get dragged under by the massive waves. I fell victim to a particularly large one and finding it hard to catch my breath decided to get out. Despite that instance it felt really good to be in the water. It’s not everyday that you get the chance to swim in the Pacific Ocean in the sunshine in January. 

We ate, relaxed and hung out on the beach where we had arranged to meet a friend of Richard’s from home who is studying in UCSC for the year. Dave showed us around, brought us on the ‘best’ roller coaster (I succumbed to peer pressure and nearly lost a life—it was terrifying), took us to another less-touristy beach (where we watched a stunning sunset) and showed us through the campus of UCSC which is situated in a forest. Unfortunately it was dark and we didn’t catch a glimpse of any of the deer that roam freely in and around the college buildings. 

We drove home in the dark, sleepy, sandy and full up on sunshine. I’m already excited to return in the summertime when we’re in need of some serious heat and relaxation.