Creating Christmas

I have been an agonised mess of indecision for the past couple of days. Flip flopping back and forth between a pretty big decision that I was overthinking and giving an extra-inordinant amount of weight too…you know the whole thisisgoingtoaffecttherestofmywholedamnlife kind of thing.

So naturally I did what anyone else would do in a similar situation and took to my facebook messenger, email and whatsapp groups like a devout Catholic would their rosary, turned into a nasty ball of insecurity and snapped at Richard. Oh, that’s not how you react when you feel insecure, confused and frozen with indecision? How mature you are. 

On Tuesday I made a decision, drew a line through my email and breathed a sigh of relief…only to have it all flipped on its head again yesterday. Life is funny and sweet and I am finally in a place of calm and excited anticipation. 

And so now, let’s get back to Christmas will we? 

We bought a tree from this place last week. It is shorter than me but perfectly proportioned…I love him! We cheaped out and didn’t pay $12 for the stand, but found a perfectly adequate second hand one (with a bowl for water!) at the Savers on University a couple of days later. That thrift store will forever have a piece of my heart (for this and many other treasured finds, I am obsessed). 

I have spent the last couple of weeks making our humble little apartment as festive as possible. Having no job coupled with the protests which left us house bound, the unceasing rain and a helluva lot of Gilmore Girls on Netflix has turned me into a productive Christmas machine! 

I purchased this sweet San Francisco stamp by Yellow Owl Workshop at Rare Device before lunch at The Mill a couple of weeks ago and it has already paid for itself ten fold. I might be obsessed. I even roped Richard into sewing some waves, it was fun and it makes me so happy to imagine them sliding into my favourite peoples’ letter boxes this week. 

I am preeeetty proud of these guys if I do say so myself. I bought two big placemat-type things from Savers. They were lined green gingham and I thought they would work perfectly for stockings. I stamped the bridge on the top and then used it as a template for embroidery. I thought it would take me an hour or two…but I spent literally an entire day making the first one! The second one turned out much better and I was able to complete it much faster. I have recently come to the conclusion that if you want to do something well all you have to do is make it/read it/cook it/whatever it three times. By the third time you’re practically a pro! 

Here is some crappy photos of our Christmas tree…I haven’t taken any photos of it on my real camera and I hate that iphone one sometimes. Those little lights make me so happy when we plug them in every morning. 

Aaaaand here’s a good photo to end this Christmassy post. I’ve been doing this Window Study project on instagram, this is a Christmas edition. They’re some of my most favourite photos I have taken here.

I’ve also got an angel for the tree still in progress and some cute things that I can’t show you until after they reach their intended recipients. Tell me pals, have you been making some festive bits and pieces?