For Your Weekend.

What have you guys got planned for the weekend? I intended on posting this last night but we went to the cinema instead…so happy Saturday morning from California! I’m about to rush out the door to get some food but here’s some things I’ve been clicking around this week. I hope your weekend is full of kisses and yum food. xoxo

We saw Into the Woods last night. Have you seen it? I don’t love modern musicals but went in with an open mind and, well, kind of hated it. The plot made no sense, the message was completely lost on me (what was the take home meant to be??) and the weird mix of darkness and humour and innuendo just didn’t work for me or for my friends. Here is a rave review and here is one less so. If you’ve seen it what is your opinion? Love love love it? Or want to pull your eyeballs out with a fork hate it? 

Have you heard of Dallas Clayton? This LA artists’ instagram brings the sunshine every day, go follow follow!

I’m ashamed to admit it but until now I had never read anything by Maeve Binchy. When I found this book in a second hand shop here in Berkeley I thought it was high time I read something by this famous Irish author…even if it did take moving across the world to do so! I’m halfway through Tara Road and loving it. 

Hermione Granger and the goddamn Patriarchy is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

When I was a child my mom wouldn’t buy me a Barbie”—made me laugh. I had barbies but my older sister wasn’t allowed them! 

We watched In a World earlier in the week. It was funny, intelligent and, incredibly written, produced, directed and starring Lake Bell. A female. I wish that wasn’t noteworthy but it is. 

Mmmm brunch. This is on my list, not today, but soon.


(Photo of Maedbh & I by Richard)