Monthly Challenge #2

For our second monthly challenge Aoife and Gary tasked us with heading to Lolinda’s in The Mission for a drink on their rooftop bar as a New Years Eve celebration. It was booked out for NYE and a second attempt at visiting left us circling looking for parking and arguing before eventually giving up and driving home (not our finest hour)—so while this was December’s challenge it took until two weeks in to January before we actually completed it. 

After an epically long cycle through the city and around the presidio a group of us chanced our arms at getting in here despite our lycra-clad legs. Californians must be even more casual than I thought because neither the doorman nor the server batted an eyelid at our myriad of helmets, exercise clothes or backpacks. 

We ordered a pitcher of the cocktail recommended to us by the doorman (and an insanely expensive Old Fashioned for Ronnie which was delicious…but SF prices will be the breaking of us all) and I haven‘t a clue what it was…I think it had grapefruit in it? Maybe agave? Gin? I don’t know.

It was delicious once the initial shock of realising the crusty glass decoration was salt and not sugar had worn off. Thanks Aoife & Gary for the treats!