For the Weekend.

(photo by Rich, one of my favourite dresses and places)


It’s Friday, which today, in this week, feels very irrelevant altogether. My boss has gone away and so I am working a twelve-days-in-a-row week. I’m about half way through and in need of some serious shoulder rubs and glass(es) of rose. How has your week been? Thank you for all the lovely comments on instagram and facebook about the portrait session I posted yesterday. I got the sweetest emails from one of my friends about it too. I know this blog is very little and inconsistent and sometimes not at all very good but thank you for visiting, thank you for coming back, thank you for being here. I appreciate it more than you know. 

Happy weekend pals, I’ll be back on Monday with some news (!). xoxo 

Some links for your perusal…

I started an internship a couple of weeks ago and I am loving being a part of a creative office environment. I’m constantly wavering between finding my feet and losing them all over again. It’s humbling and good for me. This post on Joanna’s blog really hit home (especially #3). 

I’ve been really trying to up my instagram game lately. Less over-sharing, more consistent, high quality and considered content. This woman’s stream is a huge inspiration. 

I have started watching more documentaries instead of trash TV while I’m working or relaxing. Miss Representation is fantastic. It’s on Netflix and I truly think it should be on all school’s curricula. Just watch it. I’ve watched some other great documentaries too recently. I’ll definitely post about them soon. 

I’ve been thinking about getting a kindle. I’d love to read on my commute to work but the book I’m currently reading is just too big to be carrying around all day. Do any of you have a kindle? What do you think of it? I love real books but I think it could be great at getting me to read more often than ten minutes before I fall asleep! 

Every week my cousins, sister, mum and friends gather to watch The Great British Bake Off. We also try and bake something according to each theme. It’s a lovely tradition and great excuse to get together midweek. Next week is ‘advanced dough’…if I had the time I would be making these pretzels. Yum.