How to Teach Your Boyfriend to Cut Your Hair.

Upon looking at a photo Richard took of me a couple of weeks ago last night I realised I needed my hair cut and soon. I used to go months without cutting my hair but I’ve found it leads to scraggly bits at the ends and if I keep it well trimmed then it grows long nicely. So last night I convinced Rich to trim my hair, and so with a little scissors and a fork for a comb we set to it! 

1)  The hardest part is convincing your boyfriend/brother/mama/friend/randomer to cut your hair. For some reason people are often reluctant to take your hair in their hands. Tell them it’s no bother. You won’t kill them or anything if its a little uneven. Or point out how awful your split ends are. Once the convincing is over half the battle is won.

2) Wash, condition and comb your hair. I couldn’t find a comb last night and used a fork. If it’s good enough for Ariel it’s good enough for me. It needs to be damp but not soaked so give it an ole rub with a towel.

3) Now here’s the important part. Your hair dresser needs to pull small sections of your hair, and holding it between two fingers snip upwards. This creates an even cut with a feathered end…no jagged edges or steps and stairs. Use a piece of the trimmed hair to measure how much to cut off the next section and so on. Continue all around.

4) Try not to nit pick. Let your hair dresser get on with it. Close your eyes and wait to be surprised. Or horrified. It can go either way really. 

5) Once trimmed pull matching sections of hair down to measure they are even all around. 

6) Woop woop! Your hair is cut! And free! And your boyfriend/sister/pal/neighbour has a new skill to add to their arsenal. Congratulations! 


Before: what even are those fly aways? The scraggly bits on the end? Not to mention the lack of curls at the back? Clearly I had not seen a mirror that morning. Orrr it’s just a really bad angle. Whatever, this was the photo I needed to see in order to jump into hair-cutting (or rather convincing!) action. 

All props go to the good lighting at Bakers Beach (post coming soon!) and Richard’s excellent photo taking skillz. Oh and the haircut, obviously the haircut.