I love Love

 Valentines 2010


Inspired by my new favourite blogger I decided to make a 'deer' themed Valentine this year. With a pun and all, what is not to love?

A tube of pritt, a ripped up doily and scraps of paper and pens and this is what happens...

I had wanted to type the letters on my ancient typewriter, but the ribbon is all dried up! Anyone know where to get a new one? 
The ribbon I used is from my favourite shop, a goldmine for lovers of all that is sparkly and shiny, A. Rubanesque in the Powerscourt Centre Dublin.

I love making things for the people I love, and my boy loved it so I was doubly happy. 

Despite the cheesy-ness of Valentines I must admit I enjoyed mine this year, wandering around Iveagh gardens taking arty black and white photos on the Holga, holding hands and sharing hot chocolate. Yes, we are pukingly cute.. but-what can I say?- it's love!