Adventures in Wonderland

I got the Valentines photos developed but have yet to scan them... they came out dark and eerily creepy, love, love love.

Speaking of things creepy and dark I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on Friday. It was brilliant, apart from the slight lack of a story line. The caterpillar was definitely my favourite and that scene when Alice falls down the rabbit hole was utterly incredible. I made my boyfriend sit with me (until we were ushered out!) to watch the list of names roll by in the credits... it takes such a phenomenal amount of people. If you haven't gone yet, do! It's worth it.

For the mean time, this is the very first film production of Alice, made in 1903.

I'm still getting used to the Holga, learning to hold is stiller than still and knowing when to use what flash etc, but I hope I'm learning... each roll throws up fewer and fewer duds. I took it up the mountains a couple of weeks ago after it snowed to beautiful results:

 Well, maybe not beautiful... I was attempting to blow snow at the camera!

This is my favourite... it looks like Winter Wonderland. 

We turned a corner,
And something magical happened...

A deer was staring right back at us. 
We held our breaths and tip toed closer.
There were over 10 and as they heard us

They began to leap over the snow.
(The picture doesn't do the magic justice, those tiny black flecks are the deers peeping over the gorse!)