Homage to The Best Skirt Ever

I used to hate this top... it's been sitting in my dresser for months, but I seem to have found a new appreciation for it the last few weeks. It's kind of sailor-y and summer-y. It doesn't look great underneath things... so maybe I just needed the weather to heat up. Ha ha.. I live in Ireland.

Anways... the skirt. It's the skirt that is so very very important. I splashed out on this in London last August. And wow am I grateful. I have never worn an item of clothing as much as this skirt before.. it's so comfy and soft. It looks good dressed up and dressed down. It works with heels and flats and boots and sandals. Not to mention the colour... I love it! Thank you American Apparel... it was definitely worth the splurge.

(I just checked online and it's not longer stocked!! I intended on buying five more to last me a life time. I better take greater care of the one I have :S)

While in London this summer I bought new lipstick in Topshop... their make up is so much cheaper over there than it is here and I love it! The colour is amaaazing. I've always been a red lipstick lover, but never owned a good one (the one I normally use cost me less than a euro at a Romanian market... hardly good quality, although it's seriously pillar box red).

Photobooth can't do justice to it's colour or shine...