out of the darkness into the light

We were exploring tone this week in college which was both interesting and challenging. It started with simple tonal studies and developed into large scale (we're talking, the size of me folks!!) drawings done with inks and mark making tools.
We were encouraged to draw in our cupboards or under our beds or tables in low light conditions...something I have yet to do. But for some reason as our tutors were discussing this and instructing us all I could think about was chimneys and chimney sweeps (probably down to the fact that I look like a sweep with black all over my face and hands!). I tried to take a long exposure looking up the chimney, I sincerely doubt it will work out but I thought I would experiment. I did a shitty tonal drawing of the fireplace and thought about being a sweep.
Chimneys must've been a lot bigger back in the day cause I doubt my head would fit up my one at home. Children were often sold to men who contracted them out people with sooty chimneys.  It is thought that the phrase 'put a fire under you' comes from Victorian times when a fire would be lit in the grate after the child climbed up the chimney to prevent her from coming back down. A terrifying thought really.

Anyways here are some dark/light photos from my latest roll

 look closely...