After spending four days in New York I felt drained - I don't know how people live there all year round! It feels as if nothing ever stops moving and the lights never turn and the people run everywhere instead of walking.
All that aside, it really was the best kind of drained.
I had a smiley, sleepy, cosy feeling of absolute contentment when I curled up in my pyjamas every night. 

I was there on a college field trip, and us being ncad we obviously visited art museums and galleries. Day one we walked (for what felt like forever through freezing sleet) to the Guggenheim, wich unfortunately was in between exhibitions so we couldn't walk down the spiral ramps. :( We did see some Kandinsky though, which was really cool. 

Upward by Kandinsky, 1929

After that we walked down Madison Avenue and I jumped up and down (inside... ok a little on the outside too!) at the 'Mad Men' reference. Photos were obviously taken and we got some food in too. 

Then it was onto the Met for some serrrrious art appreciation, woah that place is huge. My poor feet ached and moaned but we prevailed and after leaving walked me all the way down to Times Square to buy broadway tickets. Chicago! I may or may not have nodded off once or twice during the second act. Shhh!

Day two we visited the Whitney which had a Charles LeDray exhibition on that literally blew me away. it. was. incredible. His workmanship is breathtakingly beautiful. I walked around the exhibition space about 4 times in total awe. There was a hat stand{1} hung with a perfect array of coats that stood no more than a couple of feet high, about 12,000 sylvanian-family-sized vessels{2} each handthrown on a potters' wheel, countless items of clothing, ivory finger bones{3} and a blade of wheat{4} so perfect that it is impossible to believe that it is carved out of bone.

Charles LeDray 
Hall Tree, 2006 

Charles LeDray 
Untitled, 2002

Charles LeDray 
Ring Finger, 2004 

Charles LeDray 
Wheat, 2000
human bone 

After that we trudged down to MoMa, grabbing food on the way - we were pretty hungry the majority of the trip! Vegetarian eating can be hard on-the-go! The highlight of MoMa was definitely Andy Warhol's Moving Pictures exhibition. Almost the whole 6th floor gallery was dedicated to the exhibition, upon entering the exhibition one is greeted by 10 or so close up shots of black and white faces. Edie Sedgewick's striking eyes are hard to avoid, as is another woman who looks scarily like Mischa Barton and another who brushes her teeth and grins. I love old black and white films and the screen shots showed the beauty of Warhol's subjects in a subtle, yet striking way. 

I love her eyebrows!

After MoMa we got a cab down to Union Square to Urban Outfitters and did some shopping and bought some yum gluten free baked goods for one of the girls at Babycakes. It was such a beautiful little bakery, there are some photos in the previous post. Dinner that night was a Mexican Feast at MolΓ© in Soho including Margaritas- yum! 
That night we ate sweets, laughed like silly girls and did our notebooks (we had a project to do on the trip).

On Thursday we had a whole day free...Which deserves a whole post of its own... Cause we went to Brooklyn and it was AWESOME.