I feel like a couch potato.
It's summer, but it doesn't quite feel like summer yet. 
I'm making more cards, and it's exciting...
But I kind of feel like summer should feel better than this.

There's only two more designs to make before I can show you,
so hopefully I'll be finished tomorrow and they'll
be in the shops by next week!
(well, fingers crossed)

It's a bit disheartening drawing all these pictures, taking lots of photos, writing from my heart and having nobody read it. I know I shouldn't be reliant on comments or followers or any of that crap, but it's kind of hard not to be. I try not to draw for my blog, I try not to take photos for my blog, instead I try to draw what I love and photograph what I'm passionate about, but sometimes it's difficult not to 'try and do what people want'. I read so many amazing, amazing, amazing blogs and my god it can make a girl blue, slash, you know, totally green with envy!

I don't know what the solution is, but I hope I'll find it.