I had such a lovely birthday.
It didn't rain, I went for a beautiful walk and had a delicious lunch and dinner out .
AND I got the best presents! 
(none from my silly list...but soo much better)

1. I won a prize from Keep Sketch and it arrived, like a present, in the post yesterday!
2. Waiting for a walk.
3. Presents in the boot!
4. Birthday roses.
5 & 6. My walking buddies

7. Birthday Walk.
8. Pre-dinner cheese and crackers.
9. My birthday 'candle'.
10. BOO!
11. Keep Sketch Birthday Badge.
12. Snooze time.

P.S If you dudes at Keep Sketch are reading this, and let's face it, you're probably not...but you're probably thinking 'hey, she hasn't even given us any money yet!? And we give her free stuff!? Well lovely people I will be making a donation tomorrow, I lost my card, I can't wait to get my hands on those notebooks! And everybody else should get out there and fund it too. It's cool and Irish and everybody needs more notebooks. Don't they?