Last weekend I went away with my boyfriend and his scout leader friends. I had met a couple of them before and it was awwwkward (I felt sick, they were drunk and I was being a weird shy freak) so while waiting to be picked up on Friday I was terrified. I'm not very good at new experiences sometimes. I kind of prefer to bury my little head under my duvet and stay warm and comfy instead of getting out there. But I went and it was the BEST. I really had nothing to worry about.

Lots of alcohol was drunk, lots of food was eaten and there was a certain 'disco' where we were the only ones there (like this except it was literally just us). I took NO photos. Partly because on day one I didn't know the dudes and didn't want to be shoving my camera in their freaked out faces and partly cause I was just having too much fun.

No photos make a boring blog though. So I give you this: after travelling for hours in a balloon filled car while seriously exhausted and hungover I arrived home to this beauty:

(credit to my bro for baking the pie!)