playing catchup

This is a project we did at the start of the module with Maeve. We did so much work and produced so much I feel exhausted. It was really worthwhile though and so interesting to see that we actually can all be that productive and successful. As a group I think our solutions to the problems we faced got better and better as the week went on. I was certainly much happier with my storyboard and comic (they'll be up soon!) than I was with this project which I did at the very beginning.

Each of us were given a phrase to illustrate, mine was 'waiting on bated breath'.


Here's my finished illustration:

It's certainly not as good as it could be. It really doesn't convey the phrase correctly or the meaning of the phrase at all really (the meaning which I didn't actually know when I was given it in the first place!). I found it really challenging to illustrate breath as it's not usually something we see. A few people in the class could see it was breath but didn't get the bated thing.