5 for Friday

1. I like owls. Duh. But I liked them before suddenly everrryone on pinterest/etsy/blogs/every bloody shop in the world had them in the window. It's cool though, I made my cards first and then suddenly owls exploded so people want to buy them! win! win!

2. At the moment in college we're working in the letterpress studio and IT. IS. AMAZING. I don't have a picture of what I did today cause it's on the rack. NCAD have one of the only letterpress studio's of it's kind in Ireland, it's basically a museum because most of the stuff is irreplaceable. My piece was really complicated and took hours to set up but it's the most satisfying feeling getting it all printed, registered correctly and without any typos. It's the small (nerdy) things! 

3. The closer I get to Christmas the more I feel like an elf. Last year I invented this 'elf bubble' with my boyfriend (ok, so invented is probably too serious a word..) so that whenever we had to do shopping when it was crazy busy and sweaty and gross we'd pretend to be in an elf bubble where none of the stress could get to us. Now I just pretend to live in one full time... it's the best!                             

4. My one and only sister is in New Zealand and I miss her!! I can't even think about spending Christmas without here. I'm going to make sure to have more than two girls... one sister is just not enough.

5. I just got an iphone. I've never had one before but I finally took the plunge. It's sitting beside me right now waiting to be plugged in. My self restraint is dwindling and I really want to rip it open so byyye for now folks

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