I closed my Etsy shop the other day. Not that anyone noticed or cared or felt something missing from their lives because of said closure.
I did though.
I feel like I can breathe. It's not that the shop took up a lot of my time but it took up a lot of my head space. I was constantly thinking about how bad it was and how I needed to take better pictures, get a better camera, find better light, promote myself more, pay for advertising... literally sometimes I couldn't think for worrying.

Of course, the same applies here... sometimes I get so bloody bogged down in how crap I think this blog is that I don't want to write anything or draw anything or post anything, cause well, who the hell looks at it anyway?!

I have decided to close the shop so I can focus on the blog and get it to a place that I am happy with. This might mean a change of name, it certainly means a change of header and buttons and general design. I'm also working on a website specifically for my college and freelance work. It's all big and scary and exciting.

The shop is still there, it's just in hibernation. It will come out again.

2012 is about creating and about expanding and about making careful and deliberate decisions.