I just ordered one of these cameras and I literally can’t wait for the postman to come! Nothing gets me excited like post (even bills kind of make me happy... is that weird?) and this post is going to super. Sometimes I wish college started later so I could hang around and wait for the postman. God I am odd.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know my new baby and taking some lovely wide angles. There is only TWO of these cameras left in stock (as I’m writing this anyway) and only 75 were released by the Four Corner Store so it feels rather exclusive and fancy altogether. Also I am a TOTAL sucker for packaging *somewhere Richard is rolling his eyes* and that wooden box is too awesome to turn down. I shall report back when it arrives and I shoot my first roll.

PS It’s also so sleek and skinny that I’ll be able to carry it anywhere. OK enough gushing, I don’t even own the thing yet!