Did I tell you guys that I’m learning to drive? No? Oh right, well I am. I’ve had three lessons so far and after a totally weird (i.e creepy strange instructor) I am getting off to a great start. It’s totally frustrating but also very exciting. I can’t wait to just able to do it already... especially as my boyfriend just bought an AMAZING new (old) car. There’s been plenty of stalling and stopping and starting but I am getting better (I hope!) and I’m trying not be too hard on myself. Everyone keeps reminding me that it is a learning process and I just have to be patient and to not be such a perfectionist right at the beginning.

Now let’s have a look at some lovely cars, shall we?

PS. My dad used to have one of these Morris Minor pick ups. It was literally amazing (and looked a whole lot better than the one in the link), even at 5 years old I knew that. It was scrapped years ago but I still have the black number plate above the mirror in my room. 

PPS. I think it is equally awful and incredible that that mini has been sawed in half and hung up in someone’s KITCHEN. Holy crap.