1. My new nail varnish. It's a beaut.
2. Drawing
3. We booked flights to Berlin! Couldn't be more excited... now hurry up April!
4. This is my favourite mug. Ever. It's weird how much I love it and now I'm scared I'll break it. 
5. I bought red jeans & I LOVE them!
6. Last Friday's hot chocolate and toast, the best after college treat.
7. First freelance wedding invitations. SO exciting. I'll be posting about them soon :)
8. Dog friend.
9. Lily freaking out because her ball went in her water.
10. My friends co-ordinate their outfits. (accidentally?)
11. Sorting out my photos.
12, 13, 16 & 18. Monica's Birthday
14. When I saw this Marmite flavoured chocolate I had to buy it for Richard. And it was weirdly delicious!
15. Drawing.
17. Waiting so patiently for dinner, ie the only time she's actually still. 
19, 20 & 21 A lunch date at Mayfield :)

Have a lovely weekend friends. 

I'm going on a boxer date with a friend and her dog Denzel, practicing driving and spending lots of time with my lovely boyfriend :) What are you guys up to? x