on inspiration

I’m feeling kind of bleuh today. We’re doing this amazing module in photography with this deadly dude Richard Gilligan and we’ve been looking at his work and loads of other amazing artists work all week and I’ve been totally inspired... until now. I think I’ve just frozen, too scared to go and actually take photos now I’ve seen how fucking incredible other people’s are. Is that really stupid? Yes, I suppose it is. But seriously, this guy is just so cool, he shot Oliver Jeffers, Oliver fucking Jeffers! I love him! And Conor O'Brien, holy shit I love him too!
I feel like all I want to do is hang out and take photos and just work my ass off on this. But then in 3 weeks time does it all end? When the module ends do I just go back to setting type and learning all the other Vis Commy shit? It’s great. It really is. I just kind of think that maybe all I want to do is take photos. Maybe it’s just today. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

Portrait of Conor O’Brien by Rich Gilligan.