We arrived into a tiny airport, with just one luggage reel and fairground-like booths where our passports were checked. After a short walk we descended underground to find a train, where we met a friend, by chance, returning to the airport having spent the weekend in Berlin. Chance is nice. She warned us of the cold, I laughed it off thinking of the little jacket I had brought. Accidentally forgetting to get off the S-Bhan meant we stayed on the train a lot longer than expected, mesmerised by the hoards of shanty-like tenement buildings that look as if they had grown out of the ground, swings, slides and line after line of washing hung.
We arrived at the hotel exhausted and hungry. After refueling on giant sandwiches we headed out to explore and get our bearings. The day was mild and we walked up and down streets figuring out where we were, where we’d been and where we would go. After a spell we returned to the hotel and collapsed into fits of sleep. I woke up disorientated, unsure of where we were, and suddenly starving. We enjoyed a proper German meal that first nightβ€”shnitzle for him, some German stuffed pasta thing for me and strudel for dessert; it was deliciousβ€”sitting across the table from my love, I was blissfully happy.

Day two tomorrow. x