After missing our hotel breakfast we went and bought some crazy amazing but probably really bad for you pastries next door and set out for the day. It was no longer raining, thankfully, but the cold had yet to subside. We headed further out towards the suburbs where google told us the junky camera shops and vintage bargains were to be had. We were not disappointed.

This camera place was crazy, old man shop-keeper included, and Richard bought a polariser for cheap and I played with the old cameras and marvelled at all the old photographs and treasures to be had. We left, with promises to return later, which in the end we didn’t get a chance to do. We continued our hunt and found some pretty amazing vintage finds.
 Including this grey pure wool coat! Which fit like a glove and was certainly warmer than my little tweedy jacket. We went back to the hotel for a bit after lunch and then headed in search of a polaroidβ€”which I was determined to come home withβ€”which we found in a lovely little shop in a pretty nasty district. We went to a lovely little Italian restaurant, which was bursting with Germans drinking and eating and laughing, for our last meal.

(our waitress liked the look of my camera so we persuaded her to take this only photo of two of us!)

All photos of me by Richard, as before.