It sometimes can feel like the holiday ends once you check out of the hotel. Even though we had hours to spare and our bags were locked away I couldn’t shake the feeling like we were just waiting around to get the S-Bhan back to the airport on Friday. We set out nonetheless, not wanted to waste time being bored, and headed for the Jewish Museum. After that rather confusing and disorientating experience—the museum has an interesting ‘pathway’ to follow—we headed back towards familiar territory on foot. After stumbling upon check-point Charlie I convinced Richard to have a currywurste because well, we were in Germany and we might as well act touristy if we’re hanging around the most touristy part. It looks gross, the chips were ok and he somehow ate it all.
Another thing we happened upon by chance was this automat. I was sooo excited and spent ages wondering if we’d actually find one after I saw this post. Then as we were walking back to the hotel to collect our bags one just appeared out of the blue. It’s €2 for a strip and we did two ’cause as soon as you put that money in it takes the photo…which we were not expecting. They’re total duds but also hilarious and lovely.

Thank you Berlin for being so kind. We had such a great time. 

(and thank you to anyone who actually read these posts…I wanted to have a proper sort of diary written for myself, I hope they didn’t bore you to tears!)