I didn’t blog this week (or last week really…oops!) because Richard and I went to Berlin! As you can imagine it was amazing and as I did not at all imagine it was freeezing. So freezing I had to buy a coat. I haven’t got around to developing my rolls of film yet but be prepared for an onslaught of Germany photos and stories next week friends! For the mean time here’s some uber hipster instagrammy shizz (we had to fit in, Berlin is like hipster capital dontcha know?!).

From top to bottom, left to right;
-Packing, I love packing, this time (unlike most times) I brought too much stuff!
-Some lovely things I bought on the trip, including some cool washi tape, more film, handcream and the chewing gum I used to chew when I little.
-The bubblegum pink cafe we ate lunch in one day in Mitte; so cheap and so delicious.
-The cardigan (and drawing of the cardigan) that I had to buy in H&M on day two because I was so cold.
-Some amazing lindt-balls-come-chocolate-bars.
-Cameras galore, Richard bought me the polaroid as our third-aversary present.
-WE FOUND THE AUTOMAT! Needless to say I was uber excited and made us take two strips of photos!
-And lastly this little baby was yellow and shiny and SO beautiful and she had a note on her windscreen that said ‘I am very loved and well looked after please don’t do anything to hurt me’. Ha!

I can’t wait to see how our negatives turn out and share the rest of our black-and-white Berlin film photos with you. Enjoy your weekend everybody x