On Wednesday morning it was raining when we woke up. The rain persisted and so did we, after an-all-we-could-stuff-ourselves-with breakfast we headed out in search of umbrellas and adventure. We climbed to the top of the Berliner Dom—it was wet and slippy and the stairs were small and windy. My legs turned to jelly and my heart began to pump faster. I wanted to get down, which we did…eventually. It was beautiful though, from the inside, which didn’t feel as high.
(second last photo credit: Richard Barrett)

Then we walked and walked and walked, taking in the Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, The Guggenheim Museum—we saw this exhibit and it was fantastic—The Reichstag and sections of the Berlin Wall until we gave in to hunger and went in search of food. The Pizza place we found had no seats, just high benches that we, along with other hungry folk, stood at and casually wolfed our food without talking. It was delicious.

It was cold, which is nothing we weren’t expecting given our friend’s warning. Just how cold it could be was something I was unprepared for. I had to buy a new cardigan in H&M to wear over the jumper I was already wearing and it was still freezing. Even Richard was cold. We walked and keep warm and eventually gave in and spent a while going in and out of shops, keeping warm and eating chocolate and trying on ridiculously priced shoes.
After toasty hot showers at our hotel we went out to a cool Japanese restaurant just five minutes from our accommodation. It had thousands of, what appeared to be, chopsticks hanging in a cloud like formation from the ceiling and the wine was delicious. Richard had ‘the best meal of his life’ while mine was lovely until a dish of barely cooked cold prawns arrived…which needless to say I did not eat.

Altogether it was a great day. (Just cold!)

(All photos of me by Richard)