Day Dates are for Oldies (but we don’t care).

Before Richard left for scout camp (he’s home now! and still alive! yay!) we had, hands down, the best date we’ve gone on in ages. We drove towards the sea and headed up Killiney hill before wandering down to White Rock where we saw hundreds of jellyfish (the non-stinging kind) washed ashore and in the sea. It was crazy! Then as we walked back up over the hill the clouds started to creep in closer. They had gotten dark and looked fit to burst. We were minutes from the car when the heavens opened and set about drowning everyone out and about without a coat (or tights!). We ran through the mud and made it before we were drenched. We got to Richard’s house a few minutes later driving on dry roads; the shower, it turned out, had been very, very local. After hanging out for a little while watching the dog try and eat the hose we went down to Dun Laoghaire Market for falafel wraps, an impromptu classic car show and sweet crepes with a side of frozen yogurt for dessert. We were full and warm and happy. The best way to be if you ask me.