On our way home from Richard’s house the other night we took a little detour. While we were bombing down the motorway I asked him if he wanted to go for a drive somewhere up high and look at all the lights. We’ve been so busy lately and not spending enough time together, just being us, often makes us (me) irritable and cranky. So we drove. Up and up to places we hadn’t been before, or certainly where we hadn’t been in the pitch dark before. The slug (Richard’s dad’s mini) has a radio and one of those tape decks for the iPod so we could listen to a few of my favourite songs while we drove into the darkness. While I was picking what to play next Richard suddenly stopped and grabbed my arm—Look! There was a deer standing right in front of us staring, as only deer can do, into the headlights. We were blown away and sat stock still for a few minutes starting right back at the little deer before cautiously moving off past him. After some time in total darkness—save for the headlights of course—lights began to flicker between the trees. We pulled over next to a clearing in the trees and looked out at the lights below. All I had was my iPhone to take some photos on but I couldn’t have cared less. The moment was magic and we neither of us could stop smiling.
There’s nothing quite like looking down at all the tiny twinkling lights of the city below to give you some perspective, is there?