I hope you have a nice weekend friends, what are you plans? Tomorrow (as well as yesterday and today) I am bag packing to raise money for next year’s Habitat trip, and, let me tell you, it is exhaaaausting standing for hours on end asking people can you pack their bags for them. And, you also wouldn’t think it but all those little bits of change that people chuck in your bucket as thanks? They ADD up. A lot. There’s a whole bucket of cashola waiting to be counted in my kitchen—unless you are a thief, then of course there is no such thing at all.

I am looking forward to Sunday however, because on Sunday I shall relax. My dude doesn’t get home until Tuesday (he’s in Whales on Scout camp) so I will miss him…Sunday dates are some of my favourites. But it will be nice to chill out and not do any baby-minding or bag packing or money counting or anything like that. Sounds nice, huh? I even hear rumours of good weather, though I am wise enough not to get myself too invested in that! x

PS I’m not to sure of that picture up there? That chin makes me think yiiikes! But in the spirit of being kind to myself (and you know, accepting that actually I do look like that and not like this) I’m going to leave it up there…for now.