My beautiful cousin Katie and her fiancé Ado are getting married next month. I was lucky enough to be granted the task of making their wedding invitations. While I have made wedding invitations and other freelance works for both people I know and people I don’t, each new job comes with its own challenges and apprehensions. Especially when it is family, family can get awkward sometimes can’t it?

Well, I needn’t have been worried at all. After an initial brainstorming session with the lovely couple (which was hilarious, we laughed our way through a hundred or so ridiculous ideas), I got to work on a few different concepts and then Katie & I sent each other a million or so emails…which resulted in the above final project.

Katie & Adrian couldn’t be happier. Over a hundred people received something I designed (and loved it, apparently!) so I couldn’t be happier.

I am excited to do more work like this, are you getting married any time soon?