Everyday Adventure.

…back to June, when I told you how Eoin & I made Elderflower ‘champagne’ and cordial for the Habitat party. Well remember how I took loads of photos and then put them into the fridge and kept putting off developing them or scanning them? And remember how I then shot three more rolls and did the exact same thing? No, just me? Ok well I did, and in my fridge is where they sat until I finally bought a dark bag and then I finally got some more fix and developer and got down to it.

We used Hugh’s recipe for both. The cordial has a shocking amount of sugar in it but is pretty delicious. So delicious that we drank all the bottles before the party and had to go buy more. I’m looking at Eoin here…

The sparkling wine or whatever it is was kind of weird, kind of more like beer and not very alcoholic. And we accidentally left four bottles of it in our garage for much longer than we should and it went off and smelled gross. Not cool. On the night though we mixed it with a little cordial to sweeten it up and it was delicious. Or so everyone told us anyway!

Let me tell you though folks, they were worth the wait those four rolls. This is only the beginning, there’s much more to come.