Turning 21

 On the day of my 21st birthday the sun shone like it hasn’t done for weeks. Eoin and Monica clambered for the shade at breakfast while I was left with the sunny seat. It didn’t bother me however as it felt nice to feel warmth on my skin, warmth that we have not really had much of this summer. As I type this the rain is falling down hard but I don’t mind. I feel like the sun on Saturday was the last hurrah, a final goodbye before we settle into the comfort of cool autumn and even cooler winter. We went for a rather late breakfast at Bibi’s where I got an unexpected phonecall from my lovely sister. The line was terrible and the delay annoying but it was so nice to hear her voice! How strange it is to turn 21 without her by my side. I remember when she turned 21, and my brother 3 years after…it does not feel like that long ago which is a scary thought.

After breakfast we brought Eoin to Dun Laoghaire to sail and we meandered around down the pier (as much as you can anyway with a dog that pulls on the lead!) and along by the water enjoying the sunshine and scenery.

That night myself and Richard had probably the best meal of our lives at Chez Max. We left feeling high after the most delicious moules frites and creme brûlée I have ever tasted. We will definitely be returning. I fell into bed exhausted after a beautiful day. I could not have asked for anymore.

But more is what I got the following day when 30 of my family and friends and friends-that-feel-like-family came to celebrate over brunch. More on that to come though ;)