Love Love Love.

 My beautiful cousin married her beautiful husband in a beautiful church on a beautiful day in Dublin on the second last Saturday of September.  The day was stunning. The ceremony was poignant and one of my aunts welled up as Katie walked down the aisle. I had butterflies, I couldn’t help but feel so nervous and SO excited for herself and Ado. As her mother, my aunt, Anne read a blessing for the couple I myself had tears in my eyes. Love is seriously the best.

We came out of the church to blinding sunshine and happy faces. There were drinks and there was food and there was definitely dancing. But most importantly there was so much joy. Katie was floating all day long. The speeches were gorgeous. I could not help but think of how one day it will be me up there speaking as my sister gets married, or my brother or myself. That’s cool. That’s love. Katie & Ado I wish you all the love in the world as you being this exciting new adventure. xo