Moving Out/Moving Home

Last night Richard and I moved back home after nearly a month of housesitting for my cousin and her new husband. To say we were sad to leave is an understatement. What didn’t help matters were (in no particular order) being locked out, lashing rain, very heavy bags of shopping, Richard’s car battery AND phone battery both dying at the same time, not having enough money in my bank account, counting coins in Dunnes AND a pizza dropped on the floor (destroying it!) when I was at my hungriest. It was laughable. Well today anyway, last night…not so funny.

I will definitely look back on this time, the first time we lived together properly, fondly. Living amongst the red brick buildings, leafy streets and old but beautiful shop signs of Dublin was a joy. I heard a woman say to her friend that they were visiting her friends in ‘the burbs’ the following day and realised that that‘s where I live now. That’s where I have always lived. Given the chance I would definitely jump to live somewhere more central again. There’s always something going on in town and you never have far to go.

Thanks Katie & Ado for having us be your pretend ‘tenants’ for a month. We enjoyed (almost ;) every minute of it! xo