On differences.

 I like bikes. I do. They’re cool. But, I kind of find cycling pretty scary. All those cars whizzing past and me on my two little white wheels? I need to man up.

I like cars too. I mean they get you from A to B. They’re comfortable. They smell nice usually. They carry all your stuff. I don’t quite like doing the actual driving just yet. Learning takes away the enjoyment. But I like being driven around. I like Valerie, she’s a nice car. Messed up enough to be relatable but reliable enough to be loved. I like being the car’s resident DJ and looking at the dogs and people as we fly by. What I really don’t like is when she breaks down. I have no patience. I like when the car goes and Richard drives and we all get where we wanted to be. I don’t like sitting, waiting and pretending to be patient while things go awry. But Richard? He loves that shit. For the most part anyway. He loves spending time fixing and cleaning and working it all out. I just think it’s boring. But I listen and watch and try to be patient, ’cause that’s what good girlfriends do right?

PS That’s us, in traffic, reflected in a window…world’s tallest bike on top of world’s smalled car.