Film & Friends // 4


This week’s Film & Friends contributor is Mica Warren, a good friend of mine. He recently took up film photography and is already hooked.

The girl in those beautiful photos is Lesley, another friend from college.

One thing that I was not expecting with this series was how impressed I would be with the prose written by each contributor and how connected it would make me feel. I’m beginning to realise that this community of film-shooters is pretty amazing (as cheeeesy as that sounds!)

From the day I was born and long before then, Orla (my mum) has shot on film. There's a whole chest of drawers at home, dedicated to accommodating the reams of photo albums that she's accumulated over the years. They run from way back when my brother and I were babies, through my scaldy teenage years, right up to pretty much right now.

When i was younger I used to sit and flip through the pictures and appreciate the chance to see my family and I, at different times in our lives. All this was way before I bought my first computer, so originally, I learned to look at photos as physical objects, rather than as light on a screen.

I started to shoot on film after being on the same photography module as KB. I shoot on my mum's Nikon F60, whenever I can get a lend of it. I love focusing manually, taking the time to be decisive when I shoot and getting good results (hopefully).

I think this way of shooting helps me to be a more conscientious photographer.


If you shoot film and would like to be featured give me a shout! meldonc at gmail dot com. 

I’d LOVE to see your photos and hear a bit about why you choose to use film. xo