Film & Friends // 6

This week’s contributor is my very lovely friend Claire. This is the second roll of film Claire has shot on her new (old) camera. Aren’t they stunning? Claire has



, and we should all be jealous. Ha!

During the summer I purchased my first film camera (a Canon FTb from ebay), I'd wanted to shoot on film for a while but didn't know where to start. A couple of people I know use film all the time and I always thought the pictures were way more appealing than digital . So not having a clue what to do and being so impatient I shot a roll just about the house straight away. Then only about a third of the photos actually developed properly which was worrying. I put it away for a while but when we had a class trip to Northern Italy I actually read the manual, got the hang of things and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Its so enjoyable collecting prints which you don't entirely remember and getting that surprise, along with seeing the time which went into each shot. 


Aaaand now I really want to go to Italy. Amazing, thanks Claire. 

As Always if you shoot film and would like to be featured give me a shout! meldonc at gmail dot com. 

I’d LOVE to see your photos and hear a bit about why you choose to use film. xo