A portrait a week, every week, in 2013


I sometimes feel that I am constantly chasing moments. Moments of life in which I am inexplicably whole-heartedly happy. Moments that I will tell my children about, moments that I will look back on with reverence and rose-tinted romanticism.  These are the evenings that are almost tainted by the fact that I suddenly realise, amidst the laughter and tomfoolery that this is what I have been chasing. This is the moment. 

 The evening where I drank wine and ate (fish) burgers with my college friends and posed for black and white photo strips in a photobooth which were torn apart and taped to my mirror is all just one big moment I never want to forget. I will string it like a bead onto my lace and hold it dear. Good friends are hard to find and though mine probably don’t know it they are good and they are kind and they are loved. 

*This is an attempt at being more open, more honest and more myself. And writing. What do you think?