A black and white Christmas

Richard and I always give each other our presents on Christmas Eve. And it aaalways makes me nervous. Nervous that his presents will be better than mine or vice versa. I don’t have a very good history of reacting well to things I don’t like (or even things that I do) and I always feel the pressure to say or act the right way. I definitely much prefer giving than getting.

All that said R totally outdid himself this year, I was deeeee-lighted with my presents. He knows me well that boy.

{I bought Richard the XX on vinyl, a shirt and some other bits & pieces}

{yes that is a Denise Nestor print and yes I was VERY excited!!}

On Christmas morning after stockings and cereal we went to church. After a proper breakfast we gave each other our presents and opened them. I love Christmas. 

The turkey and ham took forever (and as vegetarians my mum, sister and I grew somewhat impatient!) but when we finally sat down to eat at half past 7 that evening it was so worth it.

Then we all crashed out. Ha!

I hope you had a merry Christmas and that your New Year is off to a good start. xo