Food for thought

Richard and I argue about photography sometimes (like, you know, ten minutes ago). It’s weird and unnecessary but it always gets our backs up. He thinks that I think he’s a snob. I don’t, for the record.

The more time I spend taking photos and looking at blogs and researching and getting inspired the more I begin to realise that a photograph is a photograph is a photograph. It doesn’t matter how you take it. It doesn’t matter what you do it before, during or after (although I do definitely fall on the side of favouring pre-production rather than post). It is really about how it makes you feel, if it reaches inside of you and makes you warm and happy and nostalgic or if it—serious cliché imminent—takes your breath away or not. Lots of photos do that for me and I honestly don’t care what medium they were shot on. I would love a DSLR because I would really love to shoot video…and one day I will buy one. Right now I am glad and so so thankful for being introduced to film and all of the wonderful things it has taught me and the lovely people I have connected with through this medium.

Good photos are good photos and bad photos are bad photos.

All I want to do is improve, however and whatever way I can.