I took some photos for my friend’s portfolio the other day, KB ‘assisted’ me and then she shot some photos for our other friend while I ‘assisted’ her. Other friends were ‘models’ and it was such a nice time…listening to music, hanging out and eating cake (thanks Gwen!) in between outfit changes (sidenote: they make some crazy stuff over in fashion).

I am by no means a ‘photographer’…especially one who takes photos with lights in studios and fancy stuff like that but it was fun to pretend for an evening and the photos turned out alright so I’m certainly not complaining.

These are some photos that I took on my Canon after taking the digital ones of Gwen’s pieces. Technically these photos are pretty awful but there is something about them that draws me back in. Film, for me, captures life as I remember it. The camera was set to 400 but the film was 200 so the grain in these photographs is pretty bad, the studio lights aren’t the most welcoming and I shot most of these with the underexposure warning light flashing.

All that aside, the warmth and grain and slight underexposure of these photos are what make them for me. Thanks girls for the opportunity to play ‘fashion photographer’ for an evening. xo