The Bull Wall

Last Saturday I wanted to walk down the Bull Wall. I don’t know why, but it’s one of those places we used to go as a family when my brother and I were small and I always remember it being fun then so I thought it would be fun now. I like to do new things, or old things that feel new, it keeps things interesting. So we got up mildly early for a Saturday morning and packed up the dog and some tortillas in a plastic bag and my camera and we left.

We arrived and it was raining. And the walk was a lot shorter and narrower and different to what I expected…probably owing to the fact that the last time I had been there I was a lot shorter and my legs and their ability to carry me places were a lot, lot shorter. But we were there so we let the dog drag us down the wall and we argued.

It was raining, my coat only had two buttons, the dog was pulling, we couldn’t let her off the lead, my hat wouldn’t stay on my head and Richard wanted a smoke so really there was nothing else to do but argue.

There’s this funny thing about arguing with people you love though. The very fact that you love the person with whom you are arguing with can either dispel or perpetuate the argument.

You can set your cares aside and love the person. Get over it, just like that. Easier said than done I hear you harp. Yes. Easier said than done.

Or you can get so angry and so mad because this person is not living up to your expectations, up to your beautiful, untainted portrait of them. They ruined the image and you are going to hate them for it.

The third option is to find yourself mad at them and loving them all at the same time in this strange mixed up pot of anger and admiration. They are the ones you want to cast your frustrations upon…but they also happen to be the root where said frustrations stem from.

So we stopped being pissy and got over it.

The rest of the day was good, as most things are with my love by my side.